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Group Tour

Help to create a positive difference for the animals of Fiji, for everyone in your group, including corporates, by booking a group tour at Animals Fiji. We promise you a heartwarming and educational experience!

Group Shelter Tour + Animal Encounter + Reforestation Planting  

Animals Fiji is an organisation dedicated to the welfare and well-being of animals in Fiji. The work we do is instrumental in creating a better future for both animals and the communities around Fiji. 

On our tour, participants have the unique opportunity to witness and learn about the incredible good that Animals Fiji does plus provides the option for community engagement by helping with one or more of much needed projects at the shelter.  

Participants learn about our organisation's significant contributions to the community by providing medical care, shelter, and rehabilitation for countless animals in need, making Fiji a better place for both its animals and its people while also learning about ways each individual can take care of their own pets or strays they encounter.  

One of the highlights for most of this team-building experience is the chance to cuddle puppies and kittens and whatever other furry guests may be at the shelter at the time.  

Additionally, participants can actively contribute to Fiji's future by planting a tree in Animals Fiji's reforestation project. This simple act ensures that everyone leaves a permanent mark on the landscape, helping to restore a native forest that was once used as farmland. This reforested area will eventually become a haven for dogs to roam freely among the trees, showcasing the long-lasting positive impact of the team's visit and efforts. 

The corporate team-building tour at Animals Fiji includes: 

  • Transport to and from Animals Fiji for locations based within the Nadi area 
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter  
  • An informative session that educates how everyone can contribute to the wellbeing of animals in Fiji.  
  • Native Tree to plant in the reforestation project  
  • Reusable Animals Fiji tote bag 
  • Optional catering options available 


Duration: 2 – 4 hours (depending on any additional projects added and/or catering) 

Group Size: 8 - 40 people 

Price per person: Please contact us to discuss your group size and if you want catering included.

Our school, private group or corporate team building experience is not just about strengthening team bonds but also about nurturing a sense of purpose and contributing to a brighter future for Fiji's animals and environment. It's a feel-good journey that leaves participants with a deep sense of satisfaction and a connection to the wonderful work of Animals Fiji and our country.  

PLEASE NOTE: Your group may choose to help with the Reforestation Project or one of the many other projects at the shelter.  

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