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Desexing & Vaccinations

Spay, neuter, and vaccinations is the best protection to keep your animals healthy.

Spaying & Neutering

De-sexing (spaying & neutering) is something that we here at Animals Fiji are very passionate about.

Did you know that a single un-neutered male, and a single un-spayed female cat can be responsible for the birth of over 2 million cats over a 10 year period?! A pair of dogs can be responsible for 67,000 dogs in a 6 year period!  There are so many unwanted animals in the world that on behalf of them we beg you to book your pet in for a de-sexing operation as soon as possible (if you've adopted from us, don't worry your new family member is already de-sexed!). 

​De-sexing has been proven over and over to be the most effective and humane form of long term population control. We believe taking a proactive stance on this issue, and de-sexing as many animals as possible, is so important that we've committed to ensuring every spay and neuter is subsidised to make it affordable for all Fijians.   

​How do we subsidise this? Actually you do! Members of the local and international community who donate to Animals Fiji are part of this initiative and we thank you for your support. Together we can make a huge difference and prevent so many unwanted animals suffering. 

​Preventing unwanted animals being born into the world is not the only reason for desexing your pet. Many behavioral problems and health issues can be prevented by this simple decision:

  • ​Reduce roaming, aggression and spraying.
  • Lower the risk of certain cancers
  • Increase your pet's lifespan by 3-5 years
  • Prevent wailing, barking when females are on heat
  • Stop the unwanted attention of other animals ​

Call your local Animals Fiji clinic now to book!


Vaccinating gives your pet the best chance at a healthy life. Just like humans are routinely vaccinated, your pets should be too! Vaccinating not only helps to prevent the spread of disease between animals, it can also prevent your pet being infected diseases which have the potential to also make humans unwell. 

Another great reason to vaccinate- it saves you money! Vaccinations are relatively inexpensive however if your pet becomes sick and requires treatment the costs can add up quickly. Do yourself and your pet a favour and vaccinate!