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Report & Help an Animal in Need

If you come across an animal in need of assistance, Animals Fiji is here to provide support and care. Report an animal that needs help!

Animals Fiji does not have the right to go on to anyone's property to remove an animal that is being abused or neglected. We encourage you to use the Protection of Animals Act Fiji to bring the abuse or neglect to  the attention of Fiji Police. If you need guidance or assistance, we are happy to assist and you can contact us.

It is currently not viable for us to have an animal ambulance. Therefore, if you are find an animal that is injured or in distressed, please bring it to one of our clinics. If you are unable to physically bring the animal to one of our clinics, but are able to sponsor transportation please contact us. Alternatively, we can reach out to our wonderful supporters via social media to ask for assistance in bringing the animal to us.