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Veterinary & Welfare Services

Our veterinary and welfare services such as general checkups, emergency triage, life-saving operations, and ongoing hospital care ensure the wellbeing of animals in Fiji

At Animals Fiji, our Veterinary & Welfare Services encompass a wide range of care and support for your pet or animal all throughout Fiji. We offer comprehensive veterinary care, including surgeries and treatments, to ensure the health and happiness of pets, livestock and wildlife alike. Our team is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare through education, outreach, and affordable desexing and vaccination programs. We're committed to improving the lives of animals across Fiji.

Emergency Triage & Treatment

All of our clinics operate with at least one qualified Veterinarian who is prepared for any emergency or trauma that comes their way. Supported by veterinary assistants and kennel hands, our team comes together to save lives in desperate situations. 

We have treated a range of cases including car accidents, dogs being injured by cane knives, the surgical removal of chains that have grown into dogs' necks, animal attacks, to abandoned baby goats with a broken leg. We have also treated beached dolphins, turtles infested with barnacles, bats who have been injured, abandoned owls, plus all kinds of livestock!

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