Building a lifeline for animals in Fiji
Building a lifeline for animals in Fiji
Building a lifeline for animals in Fiji

Leading the fight for animal welfare & veterinary care in Fiji.

Animals Fiji, a Fiji registered charity & USA 501(c)3 registered charity, is currently the only veterinary animal welfare organization in the Western and Northern Divisions and relies on donations to function as it receives zero government funding. We need your support.

Our Animals Fiji Nadi Clinic has been operating since July 2012 and in early 2016 secured a permanent home in the Nasoso area of Nadi. We have two full-time Veterinarians on staff and are open 6 days a week. This is our largest clinic and operates as our head office as well as we have our shelter.

Our Animals Fiji Savusavu Clinic has been opened since December 2013 and is operated with by our Northern Outreach Team: a Full-time Veterinarian, N. Outreach Manager, and Vet Assistant. It is open 10 days a month.

In 2016, we started option of additional permanent clinics in Lautoka, Labasa, and Taveuni. As of 2022, we are still operating four permanent clinics: Nadi, Savusavu, Lautoka and Labasa. This is all thanks to your donations.

We also offer one-off remote or Outreach Veterinary clinics at various locations throughout Fiji.

These services are only available thanks to individual donations by people like you.

Animals Fiji needs your support. Donate Now.

We Need Your Support

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You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon will be too late. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Help us improve the lives of animals today--not one day.

Our Work

Spayed & Neutered in 2020
Spayed & Neutered in 2020
Neutered in 2020
Neutered in 2020
Gelded in 2020
Animals helped in 2020
Adopted from our shelter in 2020
FREE Vet services provided to the community

Tails from Animals Fiji

Poppy is Fiji’s most famous dog and her amazing journey is helping to highlight the desperate plight of animals in Fiji.
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Did you know?
Vaccinating your pet can prevent disease spread saving your animal as well as your community from unnecessary suffering and death.
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Did you know?
Horses & Cattle require a minimum of 20L (5gal) per day. Access to fresh clean water should be provided all day long.
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Did you know?
Spaying and neutering makes a big difference: Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens!
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Did you know?
Cooked bones & all chicken bones can cause internal damage leading to possible death. If you are going to give your pet bones, please give UNCOOKED soup bones occasionally as a treat.
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