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We are constanly receiving puppies who have been left abandoned, abused or surrendered because no one wants them. You can help give our shelter puppies a second chance at life by sponsoring our 'Puppy Program'.

All puppies for adoption are between are under 6 months, but most are 10-12 weeks old.  They are desexed (spayed & neutered) prior to being available for adoption. As well all animals up for adoption are on schedule for their treatments of intestinal worms, fleas, ticks, and heartworm prevention, which the new owner will have to maintained post-adoption.

The adoption fee for our puppies is FJ $50 per animal and includes a starter pack of flea and worming prevention.  Adoption fees are subsidized to make the cost of adopting a pet affordable to members of our community. The actual costs to us on average is  FJ $350 per animal for their care and treatments during the time they are with our shelter.  Please sponsor our puppies by making a donation below- your donation will go towards covering the $300 gap which in turn will allow us to take in more puppies needing a loving home.