Puppies & Dogs

Who are mans' best friends?? Dogs of course! Welcome a new bff into your life and give a dog or puppy a 2nd chance by adopting

​MEGAN- Approx 2 yrs

Megan has been with us for two months now and is a very sweet dog. She has a wonderful temperament and although she loves to run and play, Megan is just as happy to sit for a pat or some quiet time. Megan is happy around other dogs and will do best in a home that can either take her on twice daily walks or has a lot of room for her to run around.



AUDREY- 12 weeks

Audrey is an adorable little girl who will be ready for adoption from 30 June 2018. She's playful and loves a good cuddle. As all puppies do, Audrey will require a stable home and owners who are prepared to put the time and effort into teaching her what are and are not acceptable behaviours. She gets on well with other puppies and at this age we feel she could easily be introduced to cats.


​SWEETIE- Approx 1.5 yrs

​Sweetie has been at our Nadi Clinic for some time now and was surrendered to us after she was found roaming the streets covered in fleas and ticks. She is a very happy girl and will need a home that can be patient with her and give her lots of attention so that she doesn't get bored. Sweetie gets on very well with other dogs but we'd recommend no cats. Children who want to play with her would make her very happy!

Adoptions must be done in person at our Nadi Clinic. Please note our staff reserve the right to refuse adoption if they deem the potential home to be unsuitable. These are only a few of the adorable dogs/puppies we have available for adoption- please visit our Nadi Clinic to view them all

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