Kittens & Cats

Looking for the purrrfect companion? Look no further!

KIORA- Approx 18 months

Kiora is one of our extra pretty kitties. She’s beautiful with tiger stripes on her arms and spots on her back! She loves nothing more than relaxing in a quiet place and snuggling - she will reward you with lots of purrs.
She’d make a wonderful pet for a loving family and gets on well with other cats and small children.

​BUBBLES & DAYTONA- 10 weeks

Bubbles (left) and Daytona (Right) will be ready for adoption mid July. They give our staff lots of laughs with their playful antics and are super affectionate. Bubbles' favourite toy is a small ball with a bell while Daytona can't get enough of chasing string as you pull it along. We have a tonne of kittens at the moment so even if you can't adopt but would like some hugs come on down to our Nadi clinic for a play!


As well as Bubbles and Daytona, we have allot of very cute kittens at the moment! As soon as they are big enough they will get de-sexed and then become available for adoption so stay tuned...! If you need some snuggle time before hand remember you are welcome to visit our Nadi Clinic Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm and Saturday 8:30am-1pm



Adoptions must be done in person at our Nadi Clinic. Please note our staff reserve the right to refuse adoption if they deem the potential home to be unsuitable. These are only a few of the cute cats/ kittens we have available for adoption- please visit our Nadi Clinic to view them all

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