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Fundraising for Fiji's First Outreach Mobile Clinic

We're fundraising for an Outreach Mobile Clinic. This will allow us to truly go further than we've gone before--to more villages, settlements, and communities in Fiji. It would be the first mobile clinic in Fiji.

Animals Fiji has been operating veterinary and animal welfare clinics in Fiji for over ten years. We run over 25 outreach clinics in towns, villages and islands.

To expand our reach, we are fundraising Fiji's First Mobile Vet Clinic in the form of a bus!.

The bus will be kitted out with equipment and appliances to provide a mobile desexing service. We will be able to serve communities that lack access to vet and animal welfare services all throughout Fiji.

This will in turn help us desex more poor animals who spend their lives in a non-stop cycle of reproducing babies, who then spend their lives starving and repeating the cycle. A mobile vet resource like this has been used in many other countries with great success.

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FJ $40,000: bus itself

FJ $60,000: bus & fit-out

The vehicle has a down payment and build plans. It requires full purchase, movement to our head office in Nadi, and then fit-out of equipment and appliances.

Donate here for Fiji's First Outreach Mobile Clinic