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Poppy was brought in through a team effort between Master Pillay (a teacher at an inland Fiji School) and Julie Hoskison from Myola in Sigatoka.

We recieved a phone call from Julie, who explained that Master Pillay had contacted her with regards to a dog that some neighbours used for pig hunting, which had a terrible facial injury.

Julie arrived at the clinic on Saturday 17th March with her close friend Sharron Stretton in anticipation of Master Pillay being able to bring Poppy in.  At this stage none of us really knew the extent of her injuries.

When master Pillay arrived, we rushed out to his car, and there was Poppy.

Talking to Master Pillay about her, he explained that the owners didn't want to give her up for fear of prosecution, as it was an injury caused a few months ago, however he managed to get them  to agree for him to take her away.

As soon as Poppy came out from the vehicle she wagged her tail and soaked up all of the attention.

The tops of her ears had been cut off for pig hunting, and she had simply "got in the way" when the pig hunters were trying to slaughter a cornered pig.   Having sustained such an injury, she had been unable to eat for a short while, and then once she was able to eat, she just couldn't compete with other dogs for food.  This meant she was half starved.

She is absolutely adorable, so friendly and loving.  Her injuries don't impair her in any way, and we are on the road to feeding her up so that she is as healthy as she can possibly be.

One of the most special animals we have ever met!

Poppy is currently being fostered whilst the West Charity Trust raises funds for her treatment.

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Come and meet Poppy at this address:

Lot 2 Azmat Khan Place

Namaka Park, Nadi


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