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Animals Fiji (operated by West Charity Trust Society) is a registered Fiji and US charity with a focus on animal welfare. We operate the ONLY Veterinary clinics /services in the Western and Northern Divisions of Fiji (a human population of over 600,000), where owners can seek treatment for their pets as well as wildlife. We operate as a welfare agency operating outreach programs and clinics throughout Fiji. One of our clinics, Nadi, also functions a shelter taking in strays, injured and abused animals, who are treated and rehomed. One of our most critical goals is to reduce the epidemic of stray and diseased roaming dog and cat populations that plague villages, towns rural areas, through de-sexing (spay/neuter) programs. We ensure basic veterinary services and animal care education are available to as many Fijians as possible.

  • FJ: Animals Fiji (operated by West Charity Trust Society), Fiji Charity Reg. # 889 / TIN # 60-34707-0-3.
  • USA: Animals Fiji – USA, 501 (c)(3) registration, EIN # 81-5449045.
  • AU: Animals Fiji, NSW Charitable Fundraising Authority, CFN/22572.



West Charity Trust Society (operators of Animals Fiji) was established in late 2011 in Fiji by four Trustees to support initially via fund-raising activities what was then the Nadi branch of the SPCA Fiji (based in Suva) due to the SPCA's increasingly limited resources at the time. There had been no permanent Veterinary services outside of the Capital City of Suva for over 3 years at that time; the SPCA Fiji Nadi Clinic was staffed by a Vet Nurse and a Full-time Volunteer Technician.

By June of 2012, the West Charity Trust Society now trading as Animals Fiji owned 90% of the clinic's assets, 100% of the drugs / medical supplies and was providing Veterinary services (welfare and revenue generating) via
sourcing of international volunteer Vets. In July of 2012, SPCA Fiji could no longer support the Nadi clinic in any meaningful way and Animals Fijitook over operations.

Since 2012, via international volunteers and new staff, Animals Fiji has been able to
provide full-time veterinary services intitally just in Nadi, but now four other clinics in Fiji--Savusavu, Lautoka, Labasa, and Taveuni--as well as various other outclincis. In addition, the permanent staff has increased to 13 including four permanent Veterinarians. (Meet the team.)

Animals Fiji is registered in NSW, Australia for fund-raising activities and is operated there by two volunteers who are long-term animal welfare supporters. As well we are support by a volunteer marketing committe based in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand including e-marketing support from Tomahawk.

In Fiji, Animals Fiji is also supported by various volunteer groups, professionals who donate their services.

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