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The Nadi clinic was established in 2003 by a group of individuals who all owned pets, but did not have any local facilities to ensure that they could receive general health check-ups, receive treatment when sick or injured, and be de-sexed.

Many years prior to the opening of the Nadi clinic, Sue Harris, one of those individuals would periodically gather friends and neighbors whom all owned cats and dogs, together and collectively covered the cost of a vet to travel the 180Km from Suva to de-sex and treat their pets.

In 2005, when Nadi clinic first opened by SPCA Fiji, it was only open for 1 day a month whereby pets could be de-sexed and treated by a Veterinary. Of the period of 3 to 4 years there was a marked increase of awareness within the Western Division of Fiji that the facility existed and was available. At the end of 2009 until May 2012, thanks to Sue and Lynn Scott, a Veterinary Nurse employed by the SPCA Fiji, the clinic was opened 5 days a week, animals were never turned away and the improvement in the clinic due to those individuals was greatly seen. They ensured there was an out of hours phone and that the funds received covered the clinic enough to clean, feed and medicate animals that are in the Shelter for re-homing.

The West Charity Trust Society trading as Animals Fiji was formed in 2010 by Amanda Sofield, Antoinette Fifer, Carol Sofield and Casey Quimby, all of whom are community members within the Nadi area of Fiji. They saw the desperate need for assistance that the Nadi clinic and the area had--need through funds, equipment, medication, Veterinarian, and more. We saw Lynn and Sue struggle to be able to access resources they so desperately needed.

Animals Fiji took on the role to promote fund-raising activities for animal welfare in the Western region of Fiji, but fundraising for the Nadi Clinic and those private individuals who generously donate their time and skill to try and improve conditions in our community by addressing health and safety issues concurrent with the maltreatment and neglect of animals. Animals Fiji supplied drugs, computers, equipment, volunteers, etc.

So, naturally as our role in the clinic grew on the 15th of July 2012, Animals Fiji took over all management and operations of the Nadi Animal Clinic from SPCA Fiji. We are solely in charge of its operations now and are using it as a base to further the improvement of education, de-sexing clinics, arranging volunteer veterinarians from overseas, providing care to both owned and un-owned animals.

Through community based fundraising initiatives, co-operation with international organization as well as local targeted toward specific objectives, Animals Fiji first goal is try and alleviate the suffering and neglected stray and diseased dogs and cats in Western Division of Fiji.

Sue Harris


Sue & Lynn

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