Foster an animal

Fostering a shelter animal is incredibly rewarding experience and makes our shelter kittens, puppies, cats and dogs very happy!

Our Nadi Clinic shelter is home to surrendered, abandoned and stray animals waiting for their fur-ever home. While our dedicated staff spend hours with our shelter animals every day (including two walks a day for dogs!) it is always nicer for them to be in a home environment. It also takes some of the pressure off our hard working staff and limited resources. If you are unable to adopt but would still love to have a furry friend for a week or so, our puppies, kittens, dogs and cats would be delighted to provide you with some cuddles and play time! If you are interested in fostering please contact our Nadi Clinic on 9936647.

Fostering during natural disasters such as floods and cyclones is particularly helpful and we are extremely grateful to those who have fostered in the past, and those who will foster in the future!