Our Work

Building a lifeline for the animals of Fiji

Our goal is to provide veterinary and animal welfare services to as many animals in as many location throughout Fiji. We have come a long way in our just over ten years of operation, but we have a long way to go. We have a strong focus on a subsidized desex (spay and neuter) program, which has been proven over and over again to be the most effective means reducing the number of stray animals and therefore reducing the number of animals suffering on the streets. By providing subsidized services, we are able to reach more animals.

In addition to the spaying and neutering, we subsidize all of our services to ensure the animals of Fiji can access: emergency medicine, preventative health care, general health checks, vaccinations and surgeries. We are committed working with as many government departments and other NGOs, domestically and internationally, to ensure the greatest reach and optimum care for the animals of Fiji.

Currently, we offer community, village, and school education through visits to our clinics and during our outreach programs. We are delighted to commence our in-school education program in July 2018 in the greater Nadi area with the ultimate goal of animal welfare education to be part of the Ministry of Education's curriculum.

By working with the local and international community, we hope that one day Fiji can be a leader in animal welfare and tropical veterinary medicine.

Each week we face new challenges with welfare, education, and limited resources--this is where we hope you will join us in the fight for brighter future for the animals of Fiji.




Our Work

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Spayed & Neutered in 2020
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