For the first time, there is a certified Shelter Medicine Manager in Fiji!

A big congratulations to Animals Fiji’s Co-Founder & Managing Trustee, Casey Quimby on completing her Graduate Certificate in Shelter Medicine at the University of Florida.

The year long course saw Casey studying and passing five courses:

  1. Integrating Veterinary Medicine with Shelter Systems

  2. Animal Shelter Population Management by the Metrics

  3. Shelter Animal Physical Health

  4. Behavioural Health of Shelter Dogs and Cats

  5. The Role of the Animal Shelter in Protecting Community and Public Health


Since graduating, Casey will be sharing with her team at Animals Fiji how they can improve their practices for better critical care decisions, managing infectious diseases, how best to assist with problems related to animal homelessness and how best to handle the physical and behavioural health of shelter animals.

As if taking the graduate program while running the clinic wasn’t achievement enough, Casey did all of this while also raising her first child Vincent so yeah, we think she is pretty much a rock star!