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  • 2020 in numbers
  • What we do
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  2. Welfare Services
  3. TNR & Community Colony Guidance
  4. Grooming & Boarding
  5. Education
  6. Community Outreach
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  8. Shelter
  9. Emergency Services
  • Our aims
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  2. Stop Exploitation
  3. Improve Animal Welfare
  4. Innovate
  • Our Team
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from our Co-Founder & Managing Trustee, 2020

Each year our annual report encapsulates the year just gone. It’s an opportunity to reflect on and summarize all that we achieved and to thank all of our supporters. So, how do I begin to summarize such a strange and challenging year? Well, the quickest way to do it is simply to say, “Woohoo, we made it!”.

Life in animal welfare is anything but smooth sailing at the best of times. But with additional complications due to COVID-19, 2020 was like nothing we’ve ever experienced. The butterfly effect from the pandemic worldwide is significant and yet to be fully assessed.

The professional and personal impacts on our team were substantial yet with plenty of strength, willpower and care for one another, we were able to continue our mission to build a lifeline for the animals in a small country in the South Pacific. I am extremely proud, and I know without a doubt that myself and the entire Animals Fiji vuvale (‘family’) are committed to achieving our long term goals.

One thing is for certain: our team is more united and more of a vuvale now than ever before. And this family includes each of our supporters who fostered, adopted, donated, shared our message, and cheered us
on--VINAKA! The power of collective impact is truly extraordinary. So let’s look ahead at what we can do to change tack and make the long lasting differences we all want for animal and humans in Fiji.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to name every single person or organization that has contributed thus far, but please know that we are extremely grateful to you all.

On behalf of the entire Animals Fiji team--THANK YOU, VINAKA VAKA LEVU, & DHANYAVAAD!
- Casey



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What's in this Report:

  • 2018 in Numbers
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  • Subsidized Fees & Giving Back
  • Vets of 2018
  • Collaborations
  • Effective Population Control
  • Fundraising Events
  • Animal Activism
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What's in the 2017 Annual Report:

  • Where we are at Today

  • A Round Up of Numbers

  • TNR Story

  • Fundraising Update

  • Animal Activism

  • Being a Part of It

  • Looking Ahead

  • The Team

  • The Gift that Gives Life