Annual Reviews

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  • 2018 in Numbers
  • Newsworthy Events
  • Subsidized Fees & Giving Back
  • Vets of 2018
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  • Effective Population Control
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from our Co-Founder & Managing Trustee

While reflecting back on 2018, I'm reminded of hope. On any given day the challenges can seem overwhelming, but when I take a step back and think about how far we have come from a two room shack to a five clinic operation with so many additional outreach clinics--we have achieved so much. Yet our animal welfare and veterinary services journey has so much further to go.

Animals Fiji each and every day is trying our best, but the truth of the matter is, we, humans, are not infallible. There have been lots of lessons learnt along the way, but we maintain that we learn and grow from each experience to ensure we continue to build a lifeline for the animals of Fiji.

This year we have been overwhelmed by the public's support--THANK YOU! As we look forward to 2019 and the bright future ahead for the animals of Fiji, we wish you and your family all the best for the year ahead.

On behalf of the entire Animals Fiji team,
Casey Quimby
Co-Founder & Managing Trustee


What's in the 2017 Annual Report:

  • Where we are at Today

  • A Round Up of Numbers

  • TNR Story

  • Fundraising Update

  • Animal Activism

  • Being a Part of It

  • Looking Ahead

  • The Team

  • The Gift that Gives Life